Mayweather vs Ortiz knockout, results and reactions

The September 17 Mayweather vs Ortiz boxing match ended in a very controversial way! Floyd Mayweather Jr. knockout Ortiz on the fourth round of their showdown via 1-2 combination. The judges considered it as a valid and legal act of a boxer inside boxing arena. Ortiz hit the canvas and can’t event stand after the sudden attack of Floyd. Did you check Mayweather vs Ortiz knockout replay?

Mayweather KO Ortiz

Mayweather KO Ortiz

It was unexpected but Money Mayweather defended his act by pointing out “Defend yourself at all times!”. The controversies brought a lot of criticism on the news and social networking sites.

What the hell has happened to that boxing match? It was a cheap-shot and still considered valid. How about the referee who is not worthy to stand their? oh my gosh! Check the complete Mayweather vs Ortiz results for information of the other bouts.

    • ed
    • September 29th, 2011

    one of the floyd dirty tricks..hahah

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