Chavez Jr. vs Manfredo Weigh-in Results & Video

The Chavez Jr. vs Manfredo fight is taking place on Saturday, November 19, 2011 at the Reliant Arena, Houston, Texas. Top Rank features the WBC middleweight championship between undefeated Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and top contender challenger Peter Manfredo Jr. Who do you think will win the clash of two boxers?

Watch out exclusive weigh-in of Chavez Jr. vs Manfredo taped earlier.

The official complete Chavez vs Manfredo weigh-in are as follows:

  • (Champion) Julio Cesar Chavez Jr 159.75 vs. Peter Manfredo Jr. 159.5
  • Joshua Clottey 156 vs. Calvin Green 156.25
  • Mickey Bey 134.25 vs. Hector Velasquez 134.5
  • Marcus Johnson 171.75 vs. William Bailey 178.75
  • Ricardo Avila 126.75 vs. Luis Zarazura 125
  • Ivan Otero 127 vs. Gino Escamilla 128.5
  • Cedric Sheppard 145.5 vs. Alex Saucedo 146.5
  • Lanardo Tyner 145.75 vs. Lucky Boy Omotoso 148
  • Larry Smith 152.75 vs. Jose Pinzon 154.5

What are you you waiting for fans? Don’t miss to catch Chavez vs Manfredo live on HBO Bad at 10:30 PM on Saturday night. Enjoy the action pack rumble of two exciting pugilists. Enjoy!

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