NBA Season 2011-2012 Live

NBA Season 2011-2012 Live

NBA Season 2011-2012 Live

Basketball fans are all cheering to the excitement and happiness as the premiere league in the United States is finally returning for another season. The NBA Season 2011-2012 is officially starting on December 25, 2011 (Christmas Day) and will end on April April 26, 2012.

The new season of NBA is the 66th edition which was formalized after the successful new collective bargaining agreement (CBA) among team owners and NBA players. The NBA lockout made the league pause for a break for almost 2 months. Luckily it was solved and the new season is officially on.

Watch NBA 2011-2012 season live on ESPN, ABC, TNT and free online stream like NBA TV and Justin.TV. Catch the hard-court actions and excitement on preseason and regular games. The opening day features five explosive games of Boston Celtics v New York Knicks, Miami Heat v Dallas Mavericks, Chicago Bulls v LA Lakers, Orlando Magic v Oklahoma City Thunder, and LA Clippers v Golden State Warriors.

Fans, don’t miss to catch the heat of hard-court actions and excitement as our favorite NBA stars clash for another NBA season. Witness NBA Season 2011-2012 live on TV and free web stream links! Enjoy

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