Miami Heat vs Boston Celtics Game 7

Heat vs Celtics

Heat vs Celtics

The intensifying action is on as we head to the Easter Conference Finals, Miami Heat vs Boston Celtics game 7 live on Saturday, June 9, 2012 at 8:30 in the homecourt of Heat.  Prepare to witness the exciting tough and close game actions as both NBA franchise will be putting all their effort for this do or die game.  What team will continue their way to the NBA finals?

The best-of-seven game series Heat vs Celtics for East conference finals has been so intriguing. Rondo putting all his might to enter more than 40 points in game and the result was Heat won the game while the beast James Lebron was unstoppable in game 6 as he garnered 45pts, 15 rebounds and 5 assists to lead the team to the game 7 way back home.

What else do we have on this game series? Well, it’s the power of both franchise on tonight’s game in Miami. Are you die-hard fans? Prepare to witness the actions, thrill and thundering cheer for Heat supporters as we all witness Heat vs Celtics Game 7 live on national TV. Enjoy!

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