Germany vs. Portugal World Cup 2014 Live on TV

Germany vs. Portugal World Cup 2014

Germany vs. Portugal World Cup 2014

Hyped contender Germany is facing the Portugal national football team lead by world renowned Christiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid on Monday, June 16 at the Arena Fonte Nova in Salvador. The match marks the 12th game at FIFA World Cup 2014 and the same time the opening game for the Group G. This is really one of the exciting match we can’t afford to miss fans.

Football fans around the globe can witness the Germany vs. Portugal live TV viewing via ESPN, BBC, ITV and others. You may also tune-in to some online streaming sites or download some apps to your mobile gadgets to follow the Germany vs. Portugal match. The game kicks off at 12 PM eastern time (12 AM in the Philippines).

Both teams have played 17 times against each other. Germany won 9, drew 5 and lost 3 times. Portugal scored 16 out of total 41 goals scored.

What team do you think will their opening campaign in this tournament?

What are you waiting for fans? Set your alarm clock and prepare for the awesome field actions, excitement and fun as we all watch world cup matches Live on TV, PC and even mobile devices. Enjoy!

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