FIFA World Cup 2014 Quarterfinals Teams, Matches and Schedules

FIFA World Cup 2014 Quarterfinals

FIFA World Cup 2014 Quarterfinals

The World Cup 2014 quarterfinals is finally set football fans! Eight tough squads left from the 32 national teams all through out the world that finishes almost 50 matches in Brazil. Brace yourselves millions of fans for an exciting and intense run for the remaining games that we can’t afford to miss.

The knockout stage concluded on July 1 with the TV record breaking United States vs. Belgium as Belgium progresses to the next round against Argentina. The day before, Brazil won its game against Chile and Colombia send home Uruguay. Well, check out the complete teams and schedules of the upcoming quarterfinals of this World Cup tournament.

Friday (July 5)

  • France vs. Germany in Rio de Janeiro at 12 pm ET ESPN
  • Brazil vs. Colombia in Forteleza at 4pm ESPN

Saturday (July 6)

  • Argentina vs. Belgium in Brasilia at 12 pm ET ESPN2, ABC
  • Netherlands vs. Costa Rica in Salvado at 4pm ESPN

There you go folks, mark your calendar now so that you won’t forget all the action-thrilled matches that will surely hype and intensify Brazil. Experience and witness all the World Cup quarterfinals live actions, excitement on television and online streaming. Don’t miss it!

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